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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Different Types of Casio Keyboards

When shopping for a new Casio Digital Keyboard the variety of types available are mind boggling. To help you make an informed decision I have written this guide outlining the various categories of Casio Keyboards.

Casio Mini Keyboards

Casio Mini Keyboards are intended for children. These keyboards feature smaller keys (usually 37 of them), a decent number of tones and sounds (around 100) and a few songs. The Casio SA-75 is currently the only mini keyboard available.

Casio Lighted Keyboards

Casio's lighted keyboards are wonderful for older children and beginners. None of the offerings are touch responsive, but the lighted keys enable quick and easy learning of new songs. Plus lighted keys just look cool!

Casio Portable Keyboards

Casio has a full line of portable keyboards with either 61 or 76 keys. There is great choice available amongst the portable keyboards with a variety of options. Depending on how much you cash you're willing to part with you can get touch response, MIDI, and more!

Casio Workstation Keyboards

Casio's two workstation keyboards are intended for amateur musicians and advanced players. They offer a variety of complex features for the advanced user. The Casio WK-3800 even has modulation wheels for real time sound effects!

Casio Privia Keyboards

Casio's Privia Digital Pianos are keyboards for the piano player. Sized like your average digital keyboard, these instruments feature hammer weighted keys and hyper realistic piano sound, but lack the tons of tones available on a regular digital keyboard.

Check out this guide for more information on complicated digital keyboard features.

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