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Monday, May 25, 2009

Digital Keyboard Reviews: Casio WK-110 Portable Keyboard

Casio Wk-110 Keyboard Review

The Casio WK-110 Keyboard

The Casio WK-110 Digital Keyboard is a nice entry-level 76 key keyboard for beginning keyboardists and more advanced players looking for an inexpensive, yet quality keyboard to jam with.

Casio WK-110 Features

This digital keyboard comes packed with features that were previously only found on much more expensive instruments. Most notable is the touch responsive keys. This feature allows the player to manipulate volume through the pressure exerted on the keys. Harder you press the louder the sound!

In addition, the keyboard comes with 515 sounds and 120 rhythms! With this many sounds, including a variety of synths and orchestral instruments, your music will never get stale. 32 note polyphony enables the playing of even the most complex pieces.

For the beginner, the WK-110 includes a 3-Step Lesson program to walk you through the included 100 songs.

Ports included:
  • Type B USB (for MIDI control)
  • Sustain/Assignable Jack
  • Stereo Out

Casio WK-110 Review - Final Analysis

Overall, the Casio WK-110 is a great digital keyboard for beginning and intermediate keyboardists. My main qualm with this keyboard is the lack of standard MIDI ports. Instead you must rely on a USB cable, which is a finicky solution at best. Most music equipment has MIDI ports, not USB, so you must relay the MIDI signal through a computer first.

Another detriment is not the keyboards fault, but rather Casio's. You see, the Casio WK-110 comes with a bundled CD that contains the USB-MIDI drivers, but this CD is only compatible with Windows. You will need to download a special Yamaha drivers to get it to work.

Check out this guide for more information on how to get your Casio WK-110 working with Mac OS X.

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